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Should you buy snow socks or snow chains ?

When considering whether to purchase a pair of snow socks or snow chains for winter driving, several factors come into play such as the severity of winter conditions in your area, the type of vehicle you have, and your comfort level with installing and using these devices. Here’s a comparison of snow socks and snow chains, with a particular focus on the brands Weissenfels, Konig, and Urban GoSoft:

Snow Socks:

  • General Features:
    • Snow socks are light, thin, and foldable, making them suitable for vehicles with limited clearance.
    • They are generally cheaper than snow chains.
    • Snow socks are easy to install and store.
    • Made of textile materials, they provide some traction in snow but perform poorly on ice​.
  • Urban GoSoft Snow Socks:
    • The GoSoft snow sock is recommended for occasional use, especially to comply with mandatory winter equipment regulations in many European countries. They can be kept in the car’s boot during the winter period to comply with any necessary legal requirements​.
    • GoSoft snow socks meet the new European standard EN 16662-1:2020 as an alternative to snow chains​.

Snow Chains:

  • General Features:
    • Snow chains provide superior traction on snow and ice, making them suitable for severe winter conditions.
    • They are more durable and provide a longer-lasting solution compared to snow socks.
    • Snow chains can be harder to install and store and if incorrectly fitted, can damage the chain or vehicle.
  • Weissenfels Snow Chains:
    • Weissenfels offers a variety of snow chains including the Weissenfels Clack and Go automatic tensioning system which does not require any tensioning after the initial fitting​.
  • Konig Snow Chains:
    • Konig snow chains are regarded highly by users and experts alike. For instance, the Konig Snow Chains were confirmed as the best solution during winter by a large number of users and experts in a test conducted by Popular Mechanics​.

In summary, if you are dealing with severe winter conditions, snow chains from reputable brands like Weissenfels or Konig are the better option. However, for less severe conditions or for occasional use, snow socks like those from Urban GoSoft could provide a cost-effective and convenient solution. Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to consider the local laws regarding winter equipment, the type and size of your vehicle, and the typical winter conditions in your area.

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