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Find König and Weissenfels snow chains and GoSoft snow socks by vehicle make and model

Using our simple snow chains lookup guide is the quickest and most accurate way to find out which types of GoSoft snow socks and Konig and Weissenfels snow chains are compatible with your car.

You will need to know the tyre size fitted to your car so we advise making a note of your tyre size. This can be found on the side walls of your tyres, before utilising the search. It is not advisable to consult your car’s handbook for this information, as it will typically provide a range of tyre sizes, not necessarily the ones that are installed on your car. They normally show a selection of tyre sizes and not necessarily the ones fitted to your vehicle.

To find the most suitable snow chains & snow socks for your car, please use our search by vehicle finder. However, if your vehicle model or tyre size is not shown, please use the search by tyre size finder below.

In the example shown below, the tyre size shown is 235/55-19. Therefore, you should select 235 in the Tyre Width box, 55 in the Tyre Profile box and 19 in the Rim Size box. Should your tyre be an older cross ply tyre and does not have a tyre profile showing, please select “none” in the Tyre Profile box.


Why don’t we provide a tyre search look up based on your registration number?

The reason for this is to avoid the high possibility of mistakes being made. Car registration look ups are notoriously inaccurate, especially with tyre sizes, which means the information they give can easily lead to ordering the wrong size or type of snow chain for your car.

In our opinion, there is no substitute to physically reading the tyre size directly from the side wall of the tyre as shown on the above image.

If your tyre size cannot be entered, please use the form below to contact us