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Essential tips for installing and using snow chains

Navigating snowy terrains can be a challenge for even the most experienced driver. Snow chains, when used correctly, can offer a significant boost to traction, making your journey safer. Two renowned brands in the snow chain industry are Konig and Weissenfels. If you’ve chosen either of these brands for your vehicle, here are some essential tips for installing and using their snow chains effectively.

1. Know Your Vehicle’s Specifications: Before purchasing or installing chains, check your vehicle’s manual. Some cars have limited clearance that might not be suitable for conventional chains. Konig and Weissenfels offer a range of products tailored for different vehicle specifications, so it’s crucial to pick one compatible with your car.

2. Choose the Right Chain Design: Both Konig and Weissenfels offer varied designs, from traditional link chains to more advanced options. Decide based on your typical driving conditions. For example, diamond-pattern chains often provide better coverage and grip.

3. Pre-Fit Before Travelling: Before you find yourself in snowy conditions, practice fitting the chains on your vehicle. This dry run will make you familiar with the process, allowing for a faster and more confident installation when needed.

4. Clean Installation Area: Ensure the tyre’s surface is free from ice or packed snow. A clean tyre surface ensures the chains fit securely and provide maximum traction.

5. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Both Konig and Weissenfels provide detailed installation guides with their products. Always follow the specific instructions for the model you have, as installation can vary between designs.

6. Positioning the Chain: For most Konig and Weissenfels chains, start by laying the chain out flat on the ground, ensuring there are no twists or tangles. Then, drape the chain over the tyre, ensuring an even distribution on both sides.

7. Tighten as Required: Once positioned, fasten any hooks or connectors. Some Konig and Weissenfels models come with self-tightening systems. However, if yours doesn’t, remember to drive forward a few feet, then get out and retighten the chains.

8. Maintain Low Speeds: After installation, it’s crucial to adjust your driving habits. Snow chains are effective at low speeds, usually up to 30mph. Driving faster can risk breaking the chain, damaging your vehicle, or losing control.

9. Avoid Bare Pavement: Snow chains are designed for snowy and icy conditions. If you find yourself on a stretch of bare pavement, it’s a good idea to remove the chains to prevent premature wear and protect the road surface.

10. Regular Inspections: Inspect your chains after every journey. Look for signs of wear, broken links, or any damage. Both Konig and Weissenfels chains are built for durability, but frequent checks will ensure they remain in optimal condition.

11. Clean and Store Properly: After using, especially if driving on salted roads, rinse your chains with fresh water to prevent corrosion. Let them dry completely before storing them in their provided case or bag, ensuring they’re ready for the next use.

12. Know When to Use: Snow chains are not always the answer to every winter driving scenario. In some cases, winter tyres might be more appropriate. Use chains when encountering packed snow or icy conditions where additional traction is needed.


Snow chains are essential tools for enhancing road safety during winter. When choosing reliable brands like Konig and Weissenfels, you’re investing in quality and performance. However, the effectiveness of these chains heavily relies on proper installation and usage. By following the above tips, you can ensure a safer and smoother drive during the challenging snowy conditions. Always remember that while chains improve traction, they don’t make you invincible – always drive cautiously in winter conditions.

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