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for Ford Courier using tyre size 145/80-13,
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Weissenfels Clack & Go - The best selling 9mm snow chain that has an automatic tensioning system that tightens and maintains tension as you drive.

Clack and Go

Weissenfels Clack and Go

Weissenfels M43-03

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Per Pair : £89.95

Per Pair Used : £59.95

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9 mm

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*Always refer to the vehicle manufacturer's handbook to seek any specific recommendations as to the use and fitment of snow chains before using snow chains. Never rely on any listing given as being totally accurate since errors and omissions can occasionally occur. It is advisable to perform a trial mounting in safe dry conditions, prior to using on snow, to make certain that there is no possibility of the product making contact with any part of the vehicle other than the wheel and tyre. Whilst we endeavour at all times to ensure our listings are as accurate as possible, it is the user's responsibility to satisfy themselves that the product is totally suitable for fitment and use on the particular vehicle and tyre size combination.

**Ease of fitting ratings are based on an example of a vehicle that has ample clearance around the wheel with no obstructions. Please note that since there are so many variations of vehicle and tyre size combinations, it is not possible for the ratings to be vehicle model specific.