The automatic self-centering and self-tensioning snow chain with absolutely nothing at the rear of the tyre!

Clack and Go Quattro

Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro

Complies with full EU Snow Chain regulations & conformity



0 mm projection. No minimum clearance behind the wheel required. Total absence of chain parts on the inner side of the wheel. Can be fitted where it would often be impossible to fit normal snow chains.


Clack and Go Technology:

Incorporates Weissenfels exclusive Clack and Go Automatic Pre-Tensioning System. Snow chain tensions and self-centres as you drive



Alloy wheel friendly


Low or minimal vibrations:

Low or minimal vibration makes driving on snow and ice covered roads smoother, quieter and stress free



Suitable for vehicles fitted with ABS braking systems


Traction Control:

Suitable for vehicles fitted with Traction Control

Ease of fitting
Traction capacity
Driving comfort
Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro snow chain has been designed specifically for easy, ultra quick fitting to 4x4 & SUV's that, for any reason, cannot normally be fitted with conventional snow chains with an unladen weight not exceeding 2500 kgs. The Clack and Go Quattro is also ideal for 4x4 & SUV's, such as Land Rover's, BMW's, Audi and Mercedes etc., with large wide wheels and restricted access around the wheel arches and behind the tyre.

The amount of grip provided by the Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro is simply amazing. This is due to the unique combination of a continuous 15 mm snow chain pattern, special steel grip traction plates and a series of integrated ice studs that are strategically spaced around the circumference of the tyre tread.

In particular one of the features that makes the Clack and Go Quattro so special is that there is a total absence of components on the inner side of the tyre (see above image). Therefore any obstructions such as brakes, steering and suspension on the inside of the wheel are totally unaffected. What's more the fitting and removal is all done at the front of the wheel in a matter of seconds. Each Clack and Go Quattro snow chain is simply fitted to the tyre by attaching a special gripper directly onto one of the wheel nuts. The generous adjustment system allows each Clack and Go Quattro to fit many more tyre sizes than conventional snowchains. For example there are only five sizes as apposed to 14 sizes covering the same range.
  • Recommended for all cars
  • Ultra rapid easy fitting and removal
  • Automatic self-centering and chain tensioning as you drive. Cannot come loose!
  • No chain projection behind the wheel. Fits cars with limited clearance behind the tyre
  • No contact with the wheels. No risk of damaging alloy wheels
  • 15mm square section links in high quality case hardened steel
  • Combination of chain & ice studs gives excellent grip on snow and ice
  • Smooth running on snow & ice
  • Suitable for cars fitted with ABS brakes & EPS traction control
  • Compact "Twinset" carrying case. Easy & convenient to stow
  • Supplied as a pair of chains for fitment to two wheels
  • Homologations/Certifications/Conformity: ON-N 2007 149, CUNA NC 178-01, UNI 11313
  • View PDF Fitting Instructions

Exchange Service:

If you change your car and need a different size or type you can take advantage of our unique Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro snow chain exchange service.

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Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro CaseWeissenfels Clack and Go Quattro CaseWeissenfels Clack and Go Quattro CaseWeissenfels Clack and Go Quattro Case

Weissenfels Clack and Go Quattro snow chains are supplied in pairs in a neat "twinset" carrying case with illustrated easy to follow fitting instructions, spare emergency repair links and a pair of plastic gloves. The "twinset" carrying case can be zipped together; so you have the choice to either store the chains separately or together.