For Vans, Coaches & Trucks


Weissenfels Transport-T

Complies with full EU Snow Chain regulations & conformity



Fully reversible for increased chain life

The Weissenfels Transport T is the ideal commercial vehicle snow chain for vans, trucks and coaches that gives maximum effectiveness on snow covered roads. As well as being particularly easy fitting, the Weissenfels Transport T's construction guarantees silent driving and excellent road holding. Weissenfels Transport T range is available in many sizes ranging from Transit sized vehicles & Land Rover sizes to coaches and light and heavy trucks. All Transport T chains are available in both single and twin wheel versions. However singles can also be fitted to the outside wheels of twin wheel applications. The particular chain pattern of the Transport T ensures smooth running, superb sideways grip and excellent vehicle handling. To maximise the life of the chains each Transport T chain is fully reversible so that both surfaces of the chain can be used.